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Another Atheist Inaccuracy on Choosing Hats Contributors

In the past certain atheists have made the mistake of skipping over the names of the authors of posts made to this site and have attributed them instead to various other contributors who did not write said posts. It is an honest enough mistake, though one wonders what the underlying difficulty is when the mistake happens multiple times even after correction. Lo and behold another atheist has made the even greater mistake of attributing a dispute to Choosing Hats that in reality has nothing to do with the site. I have been meaning to briefly address it.

Toward the end of his attempt at critiquing The Lord of Non-Contradiction by Anderson and Welty, the “Bahnsen Burner” Dawson Bethrick makes the following claim:

But this wouldn’t be the first time that we saw more believer vs. believer conflict erupt with the Choosing Hats crowd. A feud between Jamin Hubner (to whose book The Portable Presuppositionalist several of Choosing Hats’ “staff” have contributed writings) and Triablogue’s Steve Hays (see specifically here) and TurretinFan has been heating up in recent months.

But Jamin Hubner, Steve Hays, and TurretinFan do not contribute to Choosing Hats. With the exception of TurretinFan, none of them have ever posted a comment here. With the exception of three footnotes in works by Hubner, none of them have ever even linked to our site. Yes, three contributors to Choosing Hats did have articles in The Portable Presuppositionalist, but that does not make Hubner, Hays, or TurretinFan a part of Choosing Hats anymore than it makes Choosing Hats contributors part of some Real Apologetics “crowd,” nor does it have anything to do with a disagreement that came about almost three years later concerning subject matter Choosing Hats has never come close to addressing. Until now, there has been absolutely no acknowledgment of the so-called “feud” in question on Choosing Hats, though one contributor has posted on said “feud” elsewhere, but that is a far cry from “believer vs. believer conflict” erupting “with the Choosing Hats crowd.” I could speculate about whether or not Dawson even believes his own words are true, or the motivation behind his making the false claim that he did, but the important point here is that Dawson is just mistaken, and I feel inclined to correct his error since said error pertains to Choosing Hats.